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This was the third night I drank the medicine, I lay on my mattress in the dark with jungle sounds playing through the speakers. I recollected how the first night was a night of healing, the second was a night of terror, and tonight… tonight was the night I met the eternal spirits of the underworld.

When the icaro started, an enchanting haunting verse sung by a deep-voiced shaman, I was able to access a completely different realm of existence. Nothing looked distorted, but the presence of spirits, eternal spirits of nature, life, death, and rebirth that were always there and always would be there hovered in the room.  I was afraid, but at this point I knew resistance was futile. I guess tonight I was going to enter the spirit world.” 

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If You Only Knew” 

Globe News Wire: Rythmia’s Rare Blue Zone Location Increases Quality of Life and Well Being


Author Dan Buettner coined the term “Blue Zone” as part of his research on the geographic areas that are home to some of the world’s oldest people, five places heralded for how their residents live exceptionally long lives, often 20 years above average.” 

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@Rythmialac is the twitter of Rythmia the ultimate spiritual vacation located in Costa Rica”

Yahoo Sports: Rythmia Life Advancement Center Announces Taita Juanito Will Chindoy Be On-Site For 25 Weeks in 2023


Taita Juanito is a well-known and respected teacher-shaman, he has followers throughout the world, and people flock to him due to his compassionate heart and great wisdom. He is always willing to share his guidance with those who are interested in following the path of sacred medicines. “