The Truth About KFC

Today on FlamingoIsland, vegan activist Connor Luke Simpson reacts to KFC’s The Whole Chicken Advertisement Campaign. Connor discusses the bizarre advert and the implications it might have on the general public.

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  1. Truth bombs dropped! 🐔💣Awesome video Connor. This was a HUGE own goal for KFC. It’s in incredibly poor taste and why would it want to make anyone eat the animal they’ve just seen enjoying life on the screen, which as you pointed out, is far removed from the truth.

    And the whole chicken, nothing but the chicken, is that beaks, feet, brains, entrails and everything? Not to mention the sores, abscess etc factory farmed chickens suffer with.

    These are living breathing beings with feelings and emotions, who are slaughtered mercilessly and barbarically on a huge scale for their body parts to be eaten or their feathers to stuff pillows, day old male chicks ground up alive, suffocated in plastic bags or drowned in bins of water, all for a few moments of taste. The true cost to these living beings needs to be seen.

  2. i sure hope you are prolife because that just wouldn’t make sense, putting animals as more important than human beings

  3. Ne succombez plus au marketing ! ~ Consommer des animaux – ici des volailles avec le cas #KFC mais c'est valable pour toute l'industrie des cadavres alimentaires et autres "ressources" animales – n'est pas nécessaire à notre espèce ; pire, ça endommage le système Terre au point de nous mettre en danger d'extinction de masse.

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