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GOODBYE, BURGER KING WHOPPER | Goodbye to Food, Episode 23

GOODBYE, BURGER KING WHOPPER | Goodbye to Food, Episode 23

After another hiatus (he loves those things), DJ returns with yet another video of him eating food*, making goofs**, and having a good time***.
Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Sacrifice a loved one to the gods of the Quick Service Restaurant industry. You’ve earned all of those things. Alexa joins as well, and it’s just a bunch of fun.

* – Wishes he hadn’t eaten food
** – Goof are barely passable, 4/10 at best
*** – Was miserable

Great Value Purified Drinking Water vs. Spring Water – Review

Dead serious, you’re going to learn what water tastes like.

Today’s review is for Great Value Purified Drinking Water and Great Value Spring Water, which will win this legendary battle of the…. brand.

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Burger King Whopper – Simple recipes – Easy to Learn



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