#125 CME Bitcoin Futures & Crypto Derivatives + USD Inflation vs BTC Deflation

Bitcoin Futures & Crypto Derivatives on the CME (an investor in the Digital Currency Group) + USD Inflation vs BTC Deflation: http://MintingCoins.com/News/

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The news about Tether today emphasizes the situation. While all across the world, regulators from different countries are trying to figure out what to do with Bitcoin & blockchain technology, there are many distractions that lead to centralization.

And in about 20 days, the CME (an investor in the Digital Currency Group), (and the largest options and futures contracts in the world), will likely start trading Bitcoin Futures to very wealthy institutional and accredited investors.

As the idea of Bitcoin derivatives trading will excite many people, Bitcoin derivatives is a conflicting & concerning concept to others.

So, what does it mean for Bitcoin futures to be traded? How is the CME group traded connected to the Blockchain industry? And how much was a quarter pounder with cheese in 1972? Let’s Discuss!


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  1. GET YOUR BTC OFF THE EXCHANGES TO A HARD WALLET you nay see Bitcoin rise.

    Think not sure but its thought that there is $9 Billion coin on Exchanges.

    Whose to say it won't be lent out in the Future?

  2. CME is going to try to manipulate the price of bitcoin so they can hit their bets. I just hope they failed and get their ass kick. Shady motherfuckers. Bitcoin is a blessing of god.

  3. there are over 1000 coins and tokens out there. people who are confuse between btc and bch shouldnt be in the space. you want to be in crypto world, learn how to research

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